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Why I Coach

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You might be wondering how can an ex tradie with only two qualifications to his name  (painting and decorating and welding) teach you anything about relationships? 

Great question!!!


I've messed up heaps, paid the price to learn and then implemented. 


After a series of failed relationships that spanned across more than a decade of his life, Christian found himself alone, disconnected and considered ending his own life to escape unbearable emotional pain before the age of 30.

This lead Christian on a journey where he would learn to rebuild the relationship not only with himself but those around him, from family and friends, to work colleagues and previous partners


He has since gone on to work with people who have been faced with all different kinds of relationship struggles. From people who have had intimacy issues, infidelity and affairs through to both men and women who find it difficult to commit to a relationship. 

From his own personal experience and after talking with hundreds of people who have had relationship issues or have wanted to improve their relationship beyond where it was, he has discovered that there are 3 main causes

1. Fantasies and Delusions

2. Beliefs and Comparisons

3. Ideals and Expectations 

*Grab your FREE eBook here to learn more on these 3 causes. 

Any one of the above in extremes can create suffering and be the cause of resentments and a breakdown of communication within any relationship. 

Having spent close to 6 figures on his own education from some of Australia's top leading human behaviour specialists his relationship breakthrough formula has been put to the test across all different types of people and family dynamics. 

Quality Relationships focus on working with 3 main characteristics/problems

1. People who struggle to put themselves out in the dating world due to fears or insecurities

2. People who struggle to commit to relationships due to bad past experiences and emotional baggage

3. People who are in crisis mode...shit's gone bad!!

Our aim to to give people the skills to communicate and get rid of resentments that keep people trapped in viscous cycles and to create higher quality relationships from your coffee barista through to your spouse. 

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