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what others have said

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"I learnt crazy amounts about myself, I have a deeper understanding of why my relationship broke down. I also have a deep love and gratitude for some of the biggest issues that my relationship had. Since Empowered Relationships my partner and I have been able to rebuild our relationship."


“My life was changed from this event. Will forever be grateful for the whole experience and the friendships made during the weekend." 

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"This weekend I had the honour of being assistant coach at Empowered Relationships and helped some amazing people overcome, release, understand and find gratitude for their own circumstances.

I've seen first hand the impact Empowered Relationships has on people's sense of self worth, the impact it has on their finances, the impact it has on the children involved.

All areas of life require consistent work to be successful. "

experiencing relation-shits?

Your friends and family think everything is great but they can't see behind closed doors

You avoid conversations that could end in conflict

You feel like an empty shell because you've stopped doing things for yourself and feel resentment burning inside

Your partner finally agrees to seek help but only when things are out of control

You're exhausted trying to be everything to everyone all of the time

You're sick of being the only one who makes all the decisions

You think about your ex and think "WTF was I thinking"

You lay awake at night questioning whether you've f***ed up your children

How do I know if the free event is for me?

What Empowered Relationships Does Do

Builds your relationship foundation regardless of your relationship status


Know your relationship strengths and weaknesses


Dissolve past emotional baggage


Understand universal laws and how they influence your life and relationships


Learn why you attract certain people


Teaches you how to resolve conflict


Differences between masculine and feminine communication

What Empowered Relationships Doesn't Do

Find your romantic partner for you


Write your dating profile


Set you up on dates


Teach you how to date


Teach how to send the perfect texts


Only teach romantic relationship skills


Fix your partner or talk to them on your behalf

GET READY TO transform...

Having trouble speaking up

Feeling unsupported and not listened to

Fear of being judged

Fear around sharing your needs and wants

Over reacting

Feeling unloved and not appreciated

Not being able to take criticism

Feeling misunderstood

Not feeling good enough

Emotionally shutting down

Feelings of jealously that burn you up

Fear of being rejected

Fear of being cheated on

Relationship depression

Breaking relationship monotony

Lack of boundaries and respect

You still haven't registered have you?
What are you waiting for, have you forgotten...


You're a flower in a field of mushrooms, a meat-eater in a room of vegans, a tiger in a pack of pussycats, a shark in a goldfish bowl.


If you're looking for the right time, it's now.



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