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What our clients & community say



"Until today it had been 3 years since I spoke to my father"

In less than one hour Christian helped me to unravel what was holding me back so that I could move forward with my relationship with dad.


Today I FaceTimed my Dad and re-established a relationship after 3 long years.



After coaching with Christian, I have experienced huge changes within my relationship and my children.

My partner and I attended Empowered Relationships and learned how to effectively communicate. Since then we have grown together as a couple and have a better understanding of each other.

Christian cares about his clients and gets tremendous results. Thank you for all you’ve done! I’m eternally grateful!



Just wanted to say a big thank you for our coaching session last week.

It has helped me so much. I haven't slept this well since November and was lying awake for hours at night with thoughts snowballing in my head.

I'm pleased to say this hasn't happened since our coaching session.

Relationship Archetype Profile

Sophie and David.jpg

"I believe everyone should do the Relationship Archetype Profile as it really puts everything in perspective and puts light on what we can improve on. Not only for ourselves but for our loved ones.

Then it's a win win, right?"



" I thought I had “figured out” all the baggage from my last relationship but the Relationship Archetype Profile gave me insights to figure out what I had missed and allowed me to work through these, learn and grow from the experience rather than holding myself back and play victim of my circumstance."




Owner & Head Coach
Brighton Group Fitness & PT

Over 90 minutes we worked on barriers & fears that had been holding me back years.


​As a result, this week I have secured a major contract for my business. 



Last year when I was struggling with my boss and I was ready to quit my dream career, Christian asked me a few quality questions that immediately changed my thinking around my career.

My boss & I have a great work flow now.

Things just click between us and I absolutely love my job again.

Thank you



Professor & Owner
South Coast BJJ & MMA

My competition Jiu Jitsu team had the privilege of working with Christian prior to the 2016 Asia Pacific Championships.

Christian led several workshops leading into the event that covered everything from breathing techniques to goal setting and a big part of our success can be attributed to the work Christian did with us.

Once you realise just how big the "mental" part is to most things we do in our lives, you would be a fool not to improve things in that arena

105561059_4598951443464107_1241874707510795285_n (3).jpg

After nearly drowning at the age of 11, Emma wasn’t able to go into friend’s pools or spa to play with the kids or spend time with friends (even though secretly she wished she could).


Following a coaching session with Christian, Emma completely changed perspective of the event that had haunted her for 20+years.

“When my daughter asked me on Boxing Day to go for a swim, I didn’t think twice about it. I was the only adult in the pool & encouraging others to get in the spa. I even went under water & didn’t feel stressed.”


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